There is no denying just how helpful a laser cutter can be when trying to cut and fabricate metal. While these machines can be beneficial, users will have to be aware of certain rules and guidelines when attempting to use them correctly. Even the smallest mistake or misstep when using a laser cutter can lead to big problems.

For people who are new to the world of laser cutting, taking some time to research how to properly use these machines is vital. Neglecting to do the proper amount of research can lead to a variety of problems. Here are just some of the most common laser cutting mistakes to avoid.

Failing to Properly Scale the Metal Being Cut

Before putting a piece of metal on a laser cutter, a fabricator will need to create a scale drawing. With these drawings, the fabricator will be able to get the proper dimensions in place before making a cut. There are a variety of different software programs out there designed to help metal fabricators develop scaled drawings of the pieces they are working on.

Using Lines That Aren’t Visible Under Laser Light

Putting lines on the metal piece being fabricated is the only way a laser cutter operator will be able to figure out where they need to cut. Using lighter colors to mark the piece of metal can cause a lot of problems when putting the object in the laser cutter. Most laser cutter professionals recommend red lines due to the high level of visibility this color has.

Removing the Metal Piece in a Hurry

Once a laser cutter operator is done with their fabricating, they will need to focus on removing the metal easily. Jarring the laser due to a lack of tact when removing a piece of metal can lead to the laser being knocked out of alignment. If the laser is not aligned properly, it will be impossible to make accurate cuts in the future.

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