Many people from all different backgrounds think that the iphone is one of the best thing invented in ages.

You do not have to be concerned about ending up on the wrong road with the iphone. The maps app lets you buy it and can let you see the location when you have service.This can help you get home or anywhere else you haven’t seen yet.

It is not uncommon to drop your phone in the toilet, the toilet or something wet. Rather than using a blow dryer, dry the phone with some paper towel and place it inside a rice filled ziploc bag.

Make sure you update your phone is updated whenever new updates become available. This ensures that your phone will always have what it needs to function properly.

A protective screen protector is a wise investment for your iphone. Without a protector, it can become scratched. Even tiny bit of dirt hidden on the fingertip or keys in your pocket will scratch an unprotected screen.

If you are writing anything on the iphone and do not want to use the predictive text feature, forget about using the “x” to get rid of them.Just tap the screen anywhere and the words will go away.

Make sure you regularly update your iphone. This increases both make your iPhone’s functionality and the battery life.Just make sure you have iTunes on your laptop or destop and then connect your device up to the machine. You can also employ the iCloud platform to connect to an Apple computer.

Your iphone can take a picture without needing to be shaken. You can just use the volume controls on your headphones. Start off by steadying your camera on whatever subject you want to capture.

If you happen to drop your phone into a liquid, don’t try to turn it on right away. Dry off the outside well and let the any internal water to dry overnight. You can permanently short circuit the phone by turning it on while wet.

You might want to buy an app aimed at managing your battery. They will also notify you about calibration, which keeps your battery working at an optimal level.

You do not have to put up with hearing Siri’s robotic voice. The first step is locating Siri in the “general settings” screen.Then you can adjust Siri’s language to French, German or French.You can also have the option of changing Siri’s accent to a British or Australian one. The British Siri accent is actually has a male voice.

If you lack the time to finish emails, rather than closing the email app tap on it to cancel. The device will ask whether you wish to save a draft of the email in your drafts folder. This allows you to finish working on your email a later time if you have more time.

You can save time typing with the iphone. Go to the main part of the settings and then press keyboard where you can add an additional shortcut. This will allow you can take the most common long strings of words you use over and over. Then going forward you won’t have no need to type them out each and every time.

You can take screenshots with your display at any time. Simply press the power and your home button all at the same time. This takes the snapshots of the current display and save it to your iphone.

Tap cancel in order to save an email message.You will then be given the option being Save. If you select save, it will be stored in the Drafts folder. If your Drafts folder does not already exist, selecting this causes one to be created.

You can access to your iPod controls through your favorites. Go to Settings tab, then general, then home button. You can customize by double tapping and selecting the options that you need to customize. This is easy to do when you follow the steps.

Connect with all your friends using mobile social media on the iphone. The iphone lets you instantly update your life and friends on any of the major social media like Facebook or Facebook. Get all the latest buzz and news with social media apps so you are always aware of what is going on when it is happening.

You don’t need to flick to go though the contacts in your iphone; there is a much more efficient way. Hold your fingertip on the list of contacts.Slide your finger up and down. This is an easy and controlled way to look through the contacts.

If you happen to be accident prone, protect your iphone and purchase a case. Your iphone glass will break if you drop it without some sort of case protection on. Although a case cannot protect your phone from everything, having your phone in one can increase the odds that your phone will be fine whenever you drop it.

Do not expose your iphone device to the sun for a long time. The internal components can be damaged by the strong summer sun.

The iphone boasts a major advantages. You can even turn your iphone into any universal remote with a free app like BlinqTV. You can then use the iphone to control certain TVs, DVD player, and other electronics. You can even receive alerts when your favorite TV shows are about to begin.

The iphone is a pretty common device today. No you are aware of all the great features that an iphone has to offer, apply the knowledge you have gained from this article to get the most out of it.

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